Raise Your Glass for Razin Jane


Razin Jane ReviewDown in Florida is the Country of Razin Jane. “Lord Help Me” is a good spirited Country song about asking for the Lord’s help, but it’s really upbeat and fun. You get a better sense for what Razin Jane can do vocally with “Carolina High” as it’s a mid-tempo song that has a little more soul in its backbone. Then things pick back up with the party of the bunch, “Karlean.” Capping things off with this band is “Live Your Dream.” This one starts out unlike a Country track, it almost sounds like a song you would hear in a downtown lounge bar on a Friday night. If you’re into artists like John Prine and Brad Paisley, check out Razin Jane today. (http://www.jango.com/music/Razin+Jane?l=0)