Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter Jonah Watkins Releases New Album

Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter Jonah Watkins Releases New Album

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Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter Jonah Watkins Releases New Album

New EP album ‘Transitions’ showcases this entrepreneurial-minded artist’s energy and creative potential to make it big in the industry

Sillverdale, Washington — A man of many talents, the independent recording artist Jonah Watkins is ready to expand his music career and business, Digital Elegies. The artist has just released a long-awaited 2021 EP album, ‘Transitions’. This album has received a remarkable response from fans and fellow music artists, locally and internationally. However, what’s unique about this EP’s release is that it has garnered the attention of music production platforms and businesses worldwide.

Watkins’s EP release follows his previous releases of January of 2021, which were music singles. The EP, ‘Transitions’, is a breakthrough because it includes five diverse pop tracks. Reviewers and music lovers worldwide haven’t missed out on this diversity and have lauded the eclectic artist for his creative dabbling with various genres.

Jonah Watkins doesn’t lack when it comes to experience in the creative industry. Although currently an independent recording artist, Watkins, at one point or the other, has been a music producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, writer, performer, entertainer, lyricist, arranger, background film composer, ghost producer, editor, mixing engineer, director of photography, social media public figure, cinematographer, photographer, and publisher. Having worked in nearly every aspect of the music industry, Watkins knows his work from the inside out.

However, the artist’s true passion lies in being a studio business owner in Washington. Fearless at heart and eager to pursue his love for music, Watkins career trajectory proves that musicians can gain recognition and success independently. According to this talented artist, “I truly believe that there is no limit to the endless possibilities of making incredible music as long as you are willing to continue to push and challenge yourself to the limit. Complete focus, confidence, self-control and consistent energy while embracing all musical genres is important. Alongside this, chemistry and relentless energy are also needed. Anything is possible but, the choice is ultimately up to you”.

Watkins plans on producing great music while attracting more long-term contract business contract members. He aspires to live a comfortable lifestyle by pursuing major music licensing deals and generating more revenue with royalties and residuals. He intends to keep the business-music balance by following the footsteps of great entertainers like Michael Jackson and Prince Rogers Nelson. For Jonah Watkins, the sky is indeed the limit.

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Jonah Watkins is a business owner-slash-recording artist from Washington. Apart from releasing music majorly in the Pop genre, this independent artist wants to make it big and work with modern-day stars like Justin Timberlake, Justin Biebers, St Vincent, and so on. The entrepreneurial-minded artist plans to stop at nothing to achieve his music goals.


Digital Elegies /Jonah Watkins
Name: Jonah Watkins
Address: Po box 143, Sillverdale, Washington
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (206) 999-8807



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