Redefining the Essence of Rock Music – AquaDog Breaks Hiatus With Dazzling New Performance

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AquaDog will be the headlining act at the massive Mayday STOL aviation event in Wayne on Saturday, May 21st

Wayne, NE — The mastermind of AquaDog is Adam Manoucheri, a veteran multi-instrumentalist from Northeast Nebraska. As he was once told by an Austin, TX guitar legend, ‘Great players come out of really flat, boring places–we had nothing else to do, so we did nothing but practice!’ Starting out on guitar at the age of 10, he immediately took to the instrument, though as the years went by he started adding piano and (with some quick talking to cringing parents) the drums.

AquaDog is all set to end a hiatus that has spanned nearly a decade – Adam Manoucheri is hitting the stage one more time with his famous band as the headlining act at the massive Mayday STOL aviation event in Wayne, NE that will span May 20th-22nd, 2022. The closing concert of this aviation racing event, featuring AquaDog, will be on Saturday, May 21st 2022. Adam Manoucheri and AquaDog are renown for musicianship and integrity in the music, with a nod to classic rock of the past while retaining a fresh edge to the music. Adam has enlisted a dream team of professional musicians for this special event: Mitch Towne on keyboards, Craig Balderston on bass and Randee Falter on drums, with Adam Manoucheri handling lead guitar and vocals. While the AquaDog album featured Adam on all instruments, it will be a treat for listeners to hear the AquaDog songs and selected cover songs interpreted with the help of these incredible musicians. This is the first full-band show since the untimely death of friend and drummer George Marshall in 2013, and a rare treat for AquaDog fans the world over.

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Adam Manoucheri spearheads one of rock music’s most beloved bands – AquaDog. By the age of 13 he was making appearances with his brother Dave’s band, and by high school was a part of his new band, The Nine O’Clock Blues Band. After recording their first album, Time Frames, a departure from strictly blues saw a name change to Manoucheri. As Manoucheri they released an album, The Blind Leading the Blind, which featured Adam taking on the additional role of bass player as well as drums on several of the tracks. They continued as Manoucheri until Dave moved outstate, after which they more or less disbanded. It was at this point Adam reconnected with the band Loco, a fixture of northeast Nebraska in countless forms through the years. It was here that he was again in a band with longtime friend and drummer George Marshall, and after Loco disbanded, the Manoucheri Trio was formed, with Adam (guitar/vocals), George (drums/vocals) and Orv Morrow (bass/vocals).

The Trio was in existence until Marshall’s untimely death in the fall of 2013. Much like Zeppelin, etc, there was no ‘replacing’ George Marshall, and the Manoucheri Trio was disbanded with his passing. Regrouping after the loss of his friend and bandmate, the unnamed project that Adam was working on was coined AquaDog, in reference to an inside joke from an accidental tongue twist of the songs “Black Dog” and “Aqualung.”


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