Reigniting the Flame of Dynamic Southern Rock: Southern Fury Marks Return with Electrifying Album ‘Brand New Boots V2’

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With their unconventional approach to writing and uniqueness still preserved, Southern Fury gives their die-hard fans a hint of nostalgia with their new album

Nashville, TN — December 10th, 2021- It is always a special moment for fans of music worldwide when a popular band makes a comeback – that too after 10 long years! Southern Fury is back in action, aiming to rise to the very heights fans of southern rock remember it to be. With DJ Fernandez returning as frontman, alongside Jeff Fleury on Bass, Ron Miller as the lead guitarist, and Kurt Olson on the drums, Southern Fury is set to make amazing music – the latest of their ventures being their new album titled ‘Brand New Boots V2’.

Fully aware of the quality of music their fans expect from them, Southern Fury has pulled off a master class in music. Their latest album is everything one expects quality music to be – unique, innovative, flowing with ‘analog realism’, and just good old fashion southern rock and roll. In this album, they have experimented with 3 genres – Southern Rock, Outlaw Country, and Americana. With them venturing outside their comfort zone like this has paid off in what is a remarkably cohesive rock album.

A large majority of the tracks on the album are feel-good songs, crafted carefully to uplift the listener’s mood. The southern fried vocals, coupled with masterful guitar work and a nasty groove make for an addictive experience on the listener’s behalf, which is wholeheartedly welcome after a decade long hiatus.

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Southern Fury is a fan-favorite Rock band that is driven to mesmerize listeners with their enriching compositions. The group’s newest release ‘Brand New Boots V2’ has already been lovingly acclaimed by fans of southern rock throughout the world. Having been around for more than 40 years, Southern Fury definitely knows how to deliver great music, and as acclaimed southern rock music reviewer Alligator Jackson correctly identifies, their latest album is certainly the best new southern rock album of the year.


Southern Fury
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