Reinventing Ambient Hip Hop For a New Era of Music – Up and Coming Songwriter Havoc Osiris Enthrals in Latest Album

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Releasing June 4, 2022, the new album traces the trajectory of growth that Havoc Osiris has undergone as a person, and as a musician.

Plano, Texas — June 4th, 2022 – Havoc Osiris is a 30 year old dystopian hip hop producer who has recently started making music, and is emerging as one of the most unique and talented individuals on the scene today. Seeking all avenues for the evolution of his music, no matter where they may be or where they may lead, Havoc Osiris is challenging the boundaries of what previous notions were regarding trendy music. Havoc Osiris has a total of 14 full-length albums that he intends to release to the public on his birthday – June 4th, 2022- around 3PM. As if his fans needed any further proof of his ambition and prowess, Havoc Osiris revealed that he may potentially release more albums until that time. Being an up and coming artist is a tough burden to bear to begin with – shattering all preconceived notions and releasing 14 albums in one day is a task of incredible magnitude, something that will surely separate him from his competitors.

Thus far, the projects that are confirmed are titled Evolutions, Revolutions, Overture, Discharge, Hardware, Survival, Risk and Reward, Payoff, Ravager, Scrambler, Pillager, Unraveler, Deserter, and Detonator. By his own admission as a ‘dystopian hip hop producer’, Havoc Osiris brilliantly combines techno, heavy metal, synth wave, experimental, 8-bit, cyberpunk, industrial, and other genres to create a characteristic sound that elevates listeners away from the real world into a reality that is as beautiful and high-octane as it is chaotic and often dark.

As an artist who aspires to strive for continuous improvement, Havoc Osiris finds himself taking inspiration from many rock and hip hop artists from the past, present, and future, including the ones that often go under the radar. His future plans are to evolve as a producer and to leave his listeners with an experience they will never forget. What makes him unique is the fact that his songs never have any lyrics, he prefers to have the audience come up with their own song in their head, ensuring that they all have their own experience with his music.

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Havoc Osiris is an up and coming singer and musician who began his journey as an artist in 2020. He considers himself to be a dystopian hip hop producer who is currently seeking all avenues to elevate his music to the next level. As someone who is always craving the next challenge that will put him out of his comfort zone, Havoc Osiris aims to release 14 albums on June 4th, 2022. His tracks lack lyrics because he intends on making the audience have a unique experience with the general tones and themes of his music.


Havoc Osiris
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