Reinventing Rich and Stirring 80’s Hip Hop Flavors with Love: Talented Artist Eturnul Unveils Memorable Hip Hop Single

Reinventing Rich and Stirring 80’s Hip Hop Flavors with Love: Talented Artist Eturnul Unveils Memorable Hip Hop Single

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mr. Big Stuff with Caralio Music, vibrant singer and song writer, Eturnul is driven to breathe life into the work of the 80’s Hip Hop maestro Jean Knight. With her stunning rendition of “The Messenger”, catalyzing much love and enthusiasm, rooted in the message of #805 South Since 1998.

San Diego, California – July 2nd, 2021 – A soulful and vibrant lyricist who is driven to capture the spirit of Hip Hop with her rich and dynamic musical compositions, singer-song writer Eturnul is set to inspire.

With her new release, commemorating Mr. Big Stuff’s 50th Anniversary with Caralio Music, the eclectic and seasoned artist is unveiling her own take on “The Messenger”, bringing Hip Hop back to its roots and peak era. Featuring the musical brilliance of Angelique Jonelle and DJ Mac Cummings the Turn Table Minister on the single, Eturnul celebrates one of American music’s most iconic single by the legendary Jean Knight, with her own captivating rhythms, lyricism, and song writing.

Produced by Steve OG and Steve Vicious, “The Messenger” forms an astounding rebirthed musical track, which forms a fitting crossroads between contemporary flavors and Old School styles. While the music industry has continued to flourish and roar, the work of icons of the 80’s is often left behind, but with “The Messenger”, Eturnul is adamant to send waves in the genre with a stirring tribute to the Grammy-nominated single.

“The Messenger” was distributed by TB Production and The Orchard/Sony Music label, and has already started sending waves in the genre, propelling the multi-faceted entertainer and entrepreneur to new heights, with her soulful rendition. With the new single, Eturnul has continued to showcase her artistic sophistication, surging the single back to fame and relevance, 50 years after its release.

Check out Eturnul’s new release on all official platforms, and make sure to follow her on social media. For more information about “The Messenger” and other works from Eturnul, contacts and booking, reach out to
Latesha Nicole (CEO) at 805 South through email: [email protected]




Eturnul is a talented and inspirational powerhouse, who is set to send waves in the world of Hip Hop, with her soul-stirring renditions. The west coast rapper hails from San Diego and is inspired to make noise throughout the country with her enriching musical prowess and bars. Having touched and moved many lives by her own inspirational life voyage, marked by a fast street life and a selfless pursuit of goals and aspirations, Eturnul has continued to evolve and grow her style. She has also served in her community of Southeast San Diego over numerous years of services and has also been the proud recipient of countless awards for her service and music across multiple regions in the United States.



Name: Eturnul (805 South)
Phone Number: 16194519714
Email Address: [email protected]




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