Reinventing The Colorful World Of Dance Music Through Fresh Groovy Beats – Young Talent Unveils New Single

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Watch out for this new upcoming artist Taurie, taking the music world by storm with her sultry, sexy soul/ R&B music.

Staten Island, New York — Taurie is the top new artist who is quickly attracting massive attention because of her sultry voice and chill vibes. Taurie currently resides in New Jersey and London.
She has a strong Nigerian heritage background which she taps into to create some of her songs. Her alluring sounds and rhythm have garnered many fans and even awards. Taurie won the Garden State Film Festival (GSFF) ‘Home Grown Movies for ‘MISTLETOE’ video award in 2021. This African-American queen has continued making a huge impact on soul and dance music and is not stopping anytime soon. To her fan’s delight, she has recently announced the release of her new single “REDO”. This song is definitely one of her best ones yet, with a very chill and easy-listening vibe to it. With its impressive tune, it’s sure to gain popularity and be a part of all your summer playlists.

Taurie’s talent and commitment to her art is evident in her fantastic discography. In such less time, Taurie’s knack for music and constant hustle has made her one of the most promising up and coming artists in contemporary music. Her authenticity and originality are what set her apart from all the other artists out there right now, and can be heard in her new single as well. Taurie is a woman of many talents. Just a few of those are singing, songwriting, choreographing and modelling. She is also a videographer and content editor, making it safe to say she is a force to be reckoned with. This multi-talented superstar will very soon be the artist you jam to in every car ride, and dance to at every party. Her idols are Sade, Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Rihanna, whose music style and influence can be seen in Taurie’s songs.

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Taurie was born in Staten Island, New York however she currently resides in New Jersey and London. She loves to cook, travel, watch movies and spend time with family. She taught herself to play the guitar and now choreographs, sings, song-writes and edits her videos all by herself. This rising megastar loves to spend time with her family. She has been making music for a while now and has two successful hit albums and over four top singles including her newly released “Aesthetics” and “Hypnotize me”. Taurie has made a huge impact in the music industry in a very short time. With her unbelievable skill set and unstoppable talent, she is on her journey to become a global star.


Taurie’s Manager
Name: Piper
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 855-2-TAURIE




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