Reinvigorating a Passion for Hardcore Rock through Passion, Electricity, and Stark Lyricism: Rising Rock Legends ‘Evil’s Child’ Unveil Striking New Title Track

Reinvigorating a Passion for Hardcore Rock through Passion, Electricity, and Stark Lyricism: Rising Rock Legends ‘Evil’s Child’ Unveil Striking New Title Track

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Filling the void left by great rock bands of the past with fresh, authentic, new, original, hardcore rock music is no easy feat. However, ‘Evil’s Child’ possess the energy, ambition, and talent to become the voice of the genre.

Roanoke, Virginia– September 6th, 2021- Rock music is at the heart and soul of the music industry, particularly because of iconic, legendary bands that have come and gone in the past, finessing the art of hardcore rock, and leaving behind huge shoes to fill. The rising rock band ‘Evil’s Child’ is new to the rock music scene, and they possess the quality and charisma to initiate a legacy that will have their fans remember them as the greatest modern rock band.

Evil’s Child began their journey as a band because of needing a film soundtrack for ‘The Passion of The Gods’, an animated feature film currently in production. Jason Goodby and Jon Raven, the creators of ‘The Passion Of The Gods’ are incredibly passionate musicians.

Jon is a 40-year entertainment industry veteran, meanwhile, Jason is an extremely talented and passionate individual who gets the opportunity to share his talents with the world after decades of trying to make a name for himself.

‘The Passion of the Gods’ tells the riveting tale of LGBTQ characters in the context of a merger between Egyptian mythology and Arthurian legend, and it has received much critical acclaim all over social media. The music is Rock and Roll, inspired by true titans of the rock industry like ‘The Beatles’, ‘Led Zepplin’, ‘Black Sabbath’, ‘Kiss’, and, ‘Queen’.

Their North American roots are quite prominent in their music, as is their passion and desire to use music and sound to tell stories that inspire, uplift, enchant, and make their fans ponder in poignant wonder.

The chemistry of bandmates is only outmatched by the skills every band member brings to the table, and their passion is what truly sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

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Evil’s Child is a hard rock, North American band, formed in the spring of 2021. Unlike most bands, Evil’s Child already had a huge fanbase demanding their formation, their music, and music video production prior to the band even having a name!

As the band name grew, and more people began to follow ‘The Passion Of The Gods’, it became apparent to audiences worldwide that the band possessed serious musical ability, especially in the rock genre. The band quickly grew into fame, and their worldwide release comes out September 6th, 2021, and is the title track for the soundtrack to ‘The Passion Of The Gods’.

Name: Jon Raven
Email Address: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebhttps//

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