Releasing Brand New Single Titled “Inspired”: This is kb wiley

Releasing Brand New Single Titled “Inspired”: This is kb wiley

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Being a singer/song writer for quite a while and having gained enough experience as a musician, rising artist kb wiley is all set to finally make it big with the help of new, compelling releases.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – September 30th, 2021 – Dedicated artist kb wiley is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of music. With incredible expertise in a bunch of genres, the artist is well-equipped when it comes to playing around with beats and coming up with unique tunes in the end. Releasing her brand new single titled “Inspired” last year, kb wiley is looking forward to getting the exposure and appreciation she deserves.

Being a singer and songwriter with an exceptional experience, kb wiley has what it takes to make a name for herself in the industry. The artistic qualities and capabilities she possesses as a musician in this era are unparalleled. From penning down meaningful lyrics to getting down to the studio in order to record rich vocals, kb works on the entire process of composing outstanding songs by herself. Having all these qualities come to her as second nature, the talented artist is considered a complete package. Her single “Inspired” – available on all major music streaming/downloading platforms including Spotify and Apple Music – is her most recent song. Kb wiley released the single in 2020 and has managed to accumulate a significant number of streams on major music streaming platforms. “Inspired” is produced by Phil Turcio, a well-known producer from the industry. On the other hand, the beautiful lyrics for the song are written by kb wiley.

Like every song tells a story, kb has also written the song in hopes of narrating a story. What makes her so incredible as an artist is her ability to share her stories through her music in such a beautiful and meaningful way that the listeners are automatically drawn in. The instant change in mood and rush of emotions listeners experience as soon as they start listening to her music is what makes her such an admirable artist. In addition to the meaning behind the song, kb wiley’s exceptional voice is something that deserves extra credit. The emotion behind her voice translates through each and every lyric she sings. What makes her unique as an artist is the kind of music she composes. Kb wiley doesn’t believe in limiting herself to a certain theme or genre. Her music isn’t all about love or heartbreak. She prefers being flexible when it comes to making music and keeps herself open to new ideas and inspirations.

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Up-and-coming singer/songwriter kb wiley is a musician from Australia. She loves writing quirky and unusual tunes, focusing on the little things in life rather than the big, monumental events.

Kb wiley has been writing music for the past ten years or so after a vocal coach, who has become her friend now, told her that she should. Music is extremely important to her as it makes her feel free and happy.

Name: Kirsten Wiley
Email: [email protected]

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