Releasing “Swim Alone” On Their Full-length Album: Presenting to the World July

Releasing “Swim Alone” On Their Full-length Album: Presenting to the World July

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Blending different genres of music together and releasing one smash hit after the other, emerging band July is all set to bring a change and take over the world of music in the near future

Las Vegas, Nevada – October 26th, 2021 – Up-and-coming band July is a massive force to be reckoned with in the world of music. With special expertise in the genres of Rock and Goth, the band is well-equipped and experienced when it comes to blending various aspects of music in order to come up with unique and compelling tunes. The band just re-released their album titled ‘Love Apocalypse’ this year.

The full-length album ‘Love Apocalypse’ was originally released on April 2nd, 2015, but due to lack of promotion back then, the band decided to release the album again this year. With the release of the album, July is looking forward to getting their sound out there in the world and latch onto the hearts of music lovers. They want people to enjoy their music and, as a result, admire and appreciate July as  rock artists of this era.  Available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms around the world including Spotify, Apple Music, Division Band, and more, ‘Love Apocalypse’ is the perfect album for Goth music lovers. The way July has blended together the genres of Goth and  Rock is something out of the ordinary. While the entire album is based on a similar theme, all the tracks are completely unique and different in their own way. This is what makes ‘Love Apocalypse’ such a great album as it portrays a different message in every song while flowing so smoothly that the listeners tend to get truly lost in its melodious tunes and rhythms. There are a total of 12 tracks on the album including “Love Apocalypse”, “The Tide”, “Dear July”, “If?”, “Swim Alone”, “Down”, “Anastasia”, “Breathe”, “Alaska”, “Draw a Picture”, “It Isn’t Real”, and “River Run”.

“Swim Alone” is a track on the album which has also been released separately as a single along with a music video on YouTube. Amassing more than 1.5k views, the music video for “Swim Alone” showcases a whole new artistic side of the band. The single is a combination of heartfelt lyrics and raging guitars, awash in a sea of sound. “Swim Alone” is available for streaming and downloading on various music platforms worldwide.

The band is looking forward to continuing their musical journey, making more music they’re passionate about. New material by July will be released in about a year.

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The band July, led by Freddi Hamilton (aka Fredrik Von Hamilton aka Frederick Banks, is the chaotic precursor to Vampire Nation.  “Frederick Banks (Wiccan) ( to)…Banks is the leader of Vampire Nation and July and his criminal case United States v. Vampire Nation became one of the most cited cases in Federal law.”

A 1995 show supporting Type-O-Negative’s Bloody Kisses tour raised July’s profile and soon they were known as one of the most intriguing bands in North America.


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