Renewed with a Purpose: Ogdakween Releases Music to Change Lives

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Madison, Wisconsin — Solely focusing on helping others around her (throughout the world), Ogdakween has decided to dedicate her music & her time to others. Ogdakween is all too well familiar with struggles of poverty, homelessness, hunger, and more. Therefore with a renewed heart and attitude, she has vowed to fulfill her purpose, by dedicating her music, proceeds, etc. to others.

Ogdakween recently released a single honoring her would be son in law (until he passed away) in a car wreck. After attending his funeral, it was by Divine order and guidance that the song (So Deep ) was created (Title, Lyrics, Concept, Message, etc), and then ultimately she was led (told) to donate the proceeds to the children whom survived his death.

This is unique within itself, but it is certainly true! OgDaKween has no other way or plan or vision, but to do her music with a mission, being on a mission to help others. Years ago Tamara Jackson aka OgDaKween had an idea to write a book by the title of; God Has a Plan.

And she strongly feels and can’t deny that this is part of the plan! Aside from the music, OgDaKween still dabbles in writing books and other literary creations. And she has vowed to take a unique approach with her talents.

 ‘Allow me to give unto your bosom’.



Ogdakween has been writing since the age of 14 (poetry, skits, books & eventually music), but didn’t start recording music until 2016. She loves to sit by nature and meditate, and sometimes write. A lot of times her creativity comes to life in those instances! She hopes to one day collectively have as many in the world on the same accord to at least respect each other, if not totally love each other, but if you can huh you can hear, if you can respect, can you not love?



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