Reprising Electronic Rhythms in a Whirl – Rising Artist Julez Announces Promising New Single

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‘Pieces’ is set to make waves in the sphere of electronic rock music with its ambitious lyricism and uplifting hooks.

London, Islington, United Kingdom — The time after lockdown has seen the much awaited revival of many genres, perhaps the most celebrated of which is the return of electronic music to the mainstream. Having previously occupied such a monumental place in the global music scene, Electronic music is set to make its revival as up and coming singer and songwriter Julez announces the release of his new single, titled ‘Pieces’, set to be unveiled on May 7th, 2022. The artist hailing from London has been writing and working hard on his debut album ‘Reveal’ for a very long time, and it is speculated to be unveiled later in the year. His upcoming single ‘Pieces’ serves as sort of a teaser as to what fans can expect from Julez and his upcoming album.

Julez has always been moved by music, especially good music that is intended to stir souls. Being extremely passionate about writing and creating music, he started playing the drums and piano on most of his tracks, especially ‘Pieces’, which definitely gives the song a very unique vibe, causing it to sound close to how he wrote the song on his piano. Following up on his award winning dance track in the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville, USA, ‘High and Low’, Julez makes a return to his beloved genre of EDM with a stellar record, aspiring to sweep numerous awards with ‘Pieces’.

Julez Julian considers himself to be inspired by the likes of The Weeknd, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Gryffin, and Kygo. Using elements of their music, and ensuring that he incorporates his preferences and styles into his work, Julez Julian is able to methodically craft iconic and innovative tunes that especially shine under the umbrella of electronic music. He also makes sure to include mainstream elements in it so that people who aren’t necessarily fans of electronic music could also appreciate his music.

Go to to find out more about his latest release ‘Pieces’, and make sure to follow the artist on social media via the links provided in order to stay up to date with his latest ventures. Explore his diverse discography, and feel free to reach out to the artist via the email address provided below to schedule any interviews or collaborations.




 Julez Julian is an up and coming singer and songwriter who also happens to be a design director from London. Specialising in brand design, he has been in the top design agencies in London and around the world for many years.

Having been into music from a very early age, Julez Julian loves to play the piano and drums. The past few years of his life have been filled with non-stop writing and production of music, which will be manifested in his upcoming album ‘Reveal’.


Name: Julez
Address: Apartment 20, 6 Tiltman Place, London, Islington, United Kingdom
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07887563351




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