RETCHED Announces New Single “Horrific” Drops In June 2020 

RETCHED Announces New Single “Horrific” Drops In June 2020 

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California City, California – May 1, 2020 – David DerMinasian, otherwise known as the thrash metal artist behind RETCHED, is back with plans for new music in 2020. With ‘Horrific’ dropping later this year, and the title single premiering soon in June 2020. 

‘Horrific’ is the followup to 2019’s ‘The Overlord Messiah.’ A six-track record that had metal fans and critics alike feeling exhilarated. Songs like “Lost in the Night” and “Insane” sent thrills, and there is no doubt David DerMinasian is going to do it all over again when he drops the lead single for his upcoming 2020 release in June. “Horrific” will give fans a taste of what they’ve always loved about RETCHED’s wild ways while giving them a peek at what’s to come from the always evolving artist. 

Rock Overdose called his last release “anti-commercial” and “representative of the original metal.” Something David has always celebrated about his sound. It doesn’t stray from the foundation of metal; never has, never will. Metal Mag said of that same record, “Six brilliant tracks that stick to your mind such [that] they are well done.”  

“Horrific” will be available on all major streaming platforms in June 2020, while the full record will be available later this year on all major streaming platforms as well as on CD and vinyl. 

Those interested in adding new metal to their playlists, premiering “Horrific” on their site, or interviewing David DerMinasian for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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RETCHED announces plans to release “Horrific” single in June 2020, followed by the ‘Horrific’ album later this year.

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