Revisiting a Forgotten Genre and Re-inventing it: Keith E. Mikell Calls Out Everyone Who Has Been Sleeping on Christian Hip Hop in Fantastic New Single

Revisiting a Forgotten Genre and Re-inventing it: Keith E. Mikell Calls Out Everyone Who Has Been Sleeping on Christian Hip Hop in Fantastic New Single

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The single, titled “Wake Up”, seems like an urge for everyone to stop sleeping on the church-like essence of Christian hip-hop and for all to enjoy the beats Keith E. Mikell so graciously offers.

Queens, New York – June 5th, 2021 – It certainly has been a quiet decade for Christian hip-hop. Not many attempts worthy of mention were made recently to rejuvenate listeners with the upbeat vibe of a chorus and the poignant lyricism predominant in any good piece of Christian hip-hop. It is because of this that it is even more surprising that the person who has set out to turn the tables and shift the tides by making u revisit that form of music, is a newbie himself. Keith E. Mikell has arrived, and he is perhaps the Messiah fans of Christian hip-hop needed all along.Pastor Keith Mikell has caught the public’s attention, particularly because of his new single titled “Wake Up”.

“Wake Up” is a happy, enthusiastic, and electric attempt by the Pastor to speak directly to his audience outside the church. He is using his music to spread good and positivity, something he always wanted to do, so that it becomes his legacy even outside the church and it continues to positively impact the lives of those who listen even long after he is gone.

There is a church-like aura to the song, the background is even graced by a peaceful choir, and that gives listeners the well-rounded and all-encompassing experience Christian pop/hip-hop has always had to offer. The lyrics completely harmonize with the instrumentals and the chorus forms the epitome of the entire experience – it does seem like Pastor Keith E. Mikell was sent by God Himself to save the otherwise forgotten genre of Christian pop.

Check out his new release “Wake Up” and learn more about Keith E. Mikell on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, and promotional access.




Pastor Keith E. Mikell firmly believes that his musical abilities put him in a privileged position and that he is destined to use his talents to create a positive impact on the lives of those who choose to listen to his music. His new single, “Wake Up” was released globally on April 17, 2021 and quickly became popular in die-hard fans of Christian hip0hop. The song itself was written by Pastor Keith E. Mikell, and it was produced by Ronald Bostick. The spectacular background vocals, that bestow upon the song a serene church-like essence, were by Rich Lorenz, who also helped co-write the song. Overall, this is certainly an impressive debut by the Pastor  and we can certainly keep expecting uplifting music of the highest quality from him.



Name: Keith E. Mikell
Email: [email protected]




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