Rich and Captivating Country and Pop Musical Compositions: Budding Teen Artist Heather MacKenzie Driven to Rise

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Inspiring listeners to follow their hearts, Heather MacKenzie is spinning magic in the world of Pop and Country, as she enthralls with her enlivening debut single, “Summer In A Smalltown”

Virginia Beach, Virginia – June 25th, 2021 – An up-and-coming teen artist, Heather MacKenzie is driven to break into the diverse and varied genres of the musical world. The budding 14-year-old artist has already stunned listeners with enriching singles, covering a distinct range, in her singles “On My Way” and “Because of You”, along with riveting Rock music in the single “Teenage Revolution”.

A promising talent, Heather MacKenzie crafts musical compositions that are imbued with her values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Her first original release, titled “Summer In A Smalltown”, presents a soulful Country vibe, bound to take listeners back to a nostalgic and mellow age, whereby life was simpler and positivity flourished. Underscored by honest song writing, the single showcases promising piano and guitar work, weaving together a stirring musical composition.

The growing artist collaborated with producer Josh Igloo Monroy and co-songwriter and lyricist JBach on her new singles, all of which she released on June 11th, 2021. Driven to enliven listeners, as she steps into the musical world, Heather remains moved to experiment and evolve her musical tastes, taking on diverse themes and pushing boundaries with each release. With captivating sounds of Rock, Pop, and Country, she intends to use her music as a channel to narrate moving messages and remind people of the allure of simpler times.

“I feel as if I’ve been taken back to a simpler time when music was innocent, pure, and honest. It’s great to dance to also,” says Heather regarding her new releases.

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An up-and-coming talent, Heather MacKenzie remains inspired to make a lasting imprint in Country, Pop, and Rock, with her first release. The rising 14-year-old is on the right path towards building her musical base, with admirable piano play and vocal strength. She has previously had experience of training with numerous vocal trainers and is intent on winning hearts with her unique range. The growing artist has also had the pleasure of working with seasoned industry artists and producers, such as Josh Igloo Monroy and JBach.

Dedicating her singles to the unwavering and unflinching support of her family and friends, the young 14-year-old artist aims to continue releasing meaningful musical compositions, while simultaneously honing her skills to become the best version of herself.



Name: Heather MacKenzie
Email Address: [email protected]




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