Rich and Riveting Tribute in the Times of the Pandemic: Michael M. Golding Releases Inspiring New Single

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“This is a beautiful and important song.”

“This may become a collectible when Covid is all behind us, something to share with future generations.”

“Very moving indeed. Really captures the despair, fear, and uncertainty.”

Crafting raw and soulful music, Michael M. Golding is sending waves throughout the industry, with a mellow and touching tribute offered to the fighters of the past year. “Handprints on the Window Pane” is a memorable and mesmerizing track for the times of today.

Honolulu, Hawaii  –  Up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Michael M. Golding is rising through the ranks to become an authentic force. With a touching and raw tribute to the many lives lost and affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the budding artist is making a name for himself with a nostalgic new single titled “Handprints on the Window Pane”.

Marked by mellow vocals offered by Michael M. Golding, coupled with instrumentals in the background, the new track is meant to be an anthem for resilience and courage during tough and trying times, and is bound to become a household favorite.

Golding’s piercing vocals and soulful songwriting truly capture the many sentiments everyone has been reeling through during the past year. Channeling feelings of despair and despondency, the growing new artist is using his talents and musical prowess to produce a memorable and moving composition.

Having released on April 14th, 2021, “Handprints on the Window Pane” has been an independent production, which Golding takes much pride in. Written, composed, and produced by Golding himself, the riveting new single has been a product of the lockdown and subsequent uncertainty that the pandemic brought with itself. Marked by strong and sensory vocals and a catchy hook, it is a tribute to all the fighters of today and a timely melodic composition.

“My motivation for songwriting is to share my feelings and help other people experience their own feelings when listening to the song,” says the rising new artist regarding the release of his soulful new single.

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Michael M. Golding is a budding singer and songwriter who is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Inspired by the way music is used as a channel for self-expression and spreading love, the rising artist has been writing songs for 6 years in both English and Hawaiian.

Golding attributes Hawaii as one of his driving inspirations, instilling him with a sense of spirituality and motivating him throughout his life. This spiritual and emotional tangent is also vividly explored in his musical compositions, which are both raw and touching. With the release of the new single “Handprints on the Window Pane”, the rising artist intends to grow as a musician and person.


Name: Michael M. Golding
Email: [email protected]



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