Richie Yurkovich & Polkarioty Is Wholesome Fun


richie-yurkovich-and-polkarioty-reviewRichie Yurkovich & Polkarioty does a variety of music and can take on many things, but they shine when they toss on their Polka shoes. “Squeeze Box Man” is a cute little ditty that has this Founder’s Day picnic feel to it. You can imagine this song, with its hint of sass, being sung by a band in the middle of the day hours before the fireworks are set off. “Grandpa’s Polka” follows the same path, minus the feminine touch. This one is sung with a masculine, yet playful approach. The playful comes from the youthful voices that are incorporated into the music. Since it’s a song about an elder, it’s nice to hear two sets of generations paying homage in one song. If you’re someone who likes to have a good time with Polka music, check out Richie Yurkovich & Polkarioty. You can tell they have a good time doing what they do, and that can only be imitated while listening. (