Riveting Jazz and Acoustic Combos: Emerging Sensation Woody Curtis Jr. All Set to Soar

Riveting Jazz and Acoustic Combos: Emerging Sensation Woody Curtis Jr. All Set to Soar

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With a drive to inspire listeners and make for himself a formidable position in the soulful world of Acoustic, Jazz and Rock music, budding singer and songwriter Woody Curtis Jr. is magnetically rising up the ranks.

Greenacres, Washington – May 10th, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Woody Curtis Jr. is a hidden gem from Washington, crafting melodious compositions that are making him a powerhouse in the genres of Rock, Blues and Jazz. Inspired by the likes of icons such as Edward Van Halen and Johann Sebastian Bach, Woody Curtis Jr. aims to immerse listeners within his uniquely created musical dimensions, while staying true to the roots of classic genres.

The growing vocalist has a golden history of being a part of numerous distinguished musical groups, performing live with A-list artists and musicians. Using the many musical skills, he has learnt and mastered, Woody Curtis Jr. today continues to amaze and fascinate audiences performing and recording in the Pacific Northwest, as an emerging solo act.

Captivating listeners and audiences, the artist often also performs with his Jazz trio, showcasing his brilliance at writing original songs as well shining when it comes to playing keyboards, bass and guitar skillfully.

With a discography that boasts stunning EPs, albums, and singles such as “I Pray” and “Walking in the Light”, Woody Curtis Jr. has continued to enchant and amaze audiences, with his powerful vocals. Having recently recorded and played with icons such as Carlos Cavazo and Edward Van Halen, the seasoned musician is making for himself an enviable identity.

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Woody Curtis Jr., also known as Jesse R Curtis, is a budding guitarist, entertainer and singer, who is ready and psyched to establish his own unique musical identity. Enthralled by the power of music in the lives of people, Woody Curtis Jr. began playing music as a kid, being a part of numerous musical groups and bands throughout his life’s trajectory.

Deciding to pursue music professionally, the young artist went on to attend college, majoring in Music. After moving to Los Angeles, Woody Curtis Jr. began fully pursuing his passions in music as a recording artist. Offering lessons for guitar as an instructor, the budding singer became a part of a Los Angeles Rock band, signing onto a record deal.

Owing to his unique talents in signing and performing, Woody Curtis Jr. was also requested to join celebrated English singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne’s band. Spinning magic in his inimitable compositions, that span the vibrant and varied genres of Rock, Blues and jazz, the rising artist is crafting a rich identity for himself, melding and marrying Classical Blues music with intriguing and exhilarating new mixes.




Name: Woody Curtis Jr.
Phone Number: (209)-596-2426
Email: [email protected]




YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjC6jIVf8Ab9lypRqSIEgGg

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/woodycurtisjr

ReverbNation https://www.reverbnation.com/woodycurtis

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/37p79SdVCINAsEahsr7ZqO

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