Rock it Out with Freqology


Freqology ReviewFreqology is a rock powerhouse ready to break your walls down. “Frequos Nocturnous” is all about the rock. No words are necessary for this thrill packed musical ride. It’s a little less than five minutes but music purists will appreciate every second. I was a little lost with “ICT 2” when it started. Then as it progressed, so did my interest. Rockers beware, this one brings it. With “Oh Brother” you get a soft intro that kind of sounds like early ’90s alternative ala Soundgarden, or Pearl Jam. It drags on like those songs to create this moody appeal for people who like that style. Then things are picked up with “Insomnia Cartoon Theatre.” This is the headbanger’s dream come true, that and cartoon enthusiasts as well. Listen up for some special cameos in this one. If you’re one of those guys or gals who want Ozzfest back and love their music loud, pulsating and abrasive, check out Freqology ASAP. (