Rock With Arbor Creek


Arbor Creek ReviewArbor Creek is a rock band from Joliet, Illinois that has two sides to their story. Like the first day of winter, “Snow” starts off slow. The words trickle in like the flakes of the sky, not to overwhelm but to make sure every sense is hit accordingly. Before you know it, you’re engulfed with sound – stuck and loving every second. In “Four More Words” things pick up and sound like something out of the ‘50s rock and roll category. They could be a rockabilly band with this one. Last up, “Laden Head” we go back to where we started. That slow start building up to a chilled track that doesn’t overpower you at any point. It would’ve been nice to hear another upbeat track, but it plays well into the blues rock feel they have going on. If you’re a fan of rock that can be as relaxed as a day off or can take you to a diner with a milkshake after a sockhop, check out the sights and sounds that Arbor Creek have to offer. (