Rocker Turned Electronic Musician Channeling the Power Of Instrumentals: Dean Waveland Releases “Tread New Paths”

Rocker Turned Electronic Musician Channeling the Power Of Instrumentals: Dean Waveland Releases “Tread New Paths”

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With minimal lyrics, and instrumentals that are bound to stay in your head for days to come, “Tread New Paths”, is certainly treading its own path

Fehrbellin, Brandenburg, Germany — February 7th, 2021 – Brandenburg, Germany – Dean Waveland is a musician who is well aware of the transformative power that music is able to have on its listeners, and is committed to harnessing the full power of instrumental music. In this quest his new album “Tread New Paths” is a worthy endeavor. With instrumentals crafted to get your heart pumping, and have a beat running through the veins of the listener in no time – the album is one that is bound to take listeners by storm. Wanting to harness the power of the instrumentals and letting them express themselves without the need for lyrics, the album conveys meaning through the eclectic compositions created by Dean Waveland. These compositions are ones that need to be experienced firsthand in order for their infectious beats fully felt by the listeners

Having a metal background before his eventual shift to electronic music, Dean Waveland has ample experience in not only how to make his music fully versatile for his listeners, but also experience where is able to keep up with the demands of the industry as it constantly innovates. His shift in genres teaches him that innovation is a crucial part of making any sort of art, and that no art is safe from disruption, in which “Tread New Paths” is an exercise of.

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Born in December 1976, music has played an instrumental part in the life of Dean Waveland for as long as he can remember, as death metal and heavy metal have both influenced him heavily into what he is today, and shaped his identity as a musician. Dean Waveland began playing the electric guitar, but over time found electronic music a better fit for him, as he transitioned fully to electronic music over time. Being a craftsman by trade, Dean is an artist whose production of music is fueled by the passion that he has for it, as produces it in his free time.


Dean Waveland
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