Rockinchair Productions 2020 Delivers A Wide Array Of Sound 

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From Funk to Soul – They’ve Got It All 


Atlanta, Georgia – October 24, 2020 –

When it comes to quality music, look no further than Rockinchair Productions 2020. They are delivering the best Funk, Soul, R&B & Gospel and they are funking it right onto the scene. We are talking about their group  “Soul De Lune”.

Those who have spent years yearning for the days when music with heart and soul ruled the airwaves will rejoice to hear Soul De Lune. Comprised of members of the late Godfather of Funk’s (James Brown) band (Ronald “Rock” Laster, Fred Thomas, Tony Cook, James “Keith” Jenkins & Lisa Rushton), they continue to bring this genre of music to the masses like before. They’ve noted, “We are also committed to bringing all people together through our sound and lyrics.”

They have also expanded their talent pool with the recent addition of Hip Hop artist TONYO whose debut single, “I Came in The Game” is out now.

Those interested in adding new music to their funk playlists, featuring a piece on Rockinchair Productions 2020 on their site, or interviewing the founders of Soul De Lune for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below.

For more information on Rockinchair Productions 2020, please visit:

Rockinchair Productions 2020 LLC
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