Run Downhill

Run Downhill

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Run Downhill


Being the great lover of music that I am, the trick has always been to listen to diversity. While such a method has always had me listening to a lot of chaff before I can land something great, the frustrations only make it more worthwhile when I come across a great song. Over the years, I have been lucky to listen to some magical songs and on the more golden occasions, I have come across an entire album that churns me around and leaves me a better person or feeling better. One of such experiences was after I listened to the Run Downhill – SPURS #2.2/Midnight Road Trip album. If you are among the people keen on listening to something different, then this album could be your unsung hero.

Point of view

Of the four albums that Run Downhill has released so far, it is worth noting that SPURS #2.2/Midnight Road Trip is by far their best creation to date. Particularly not from a sales point of view but more so from the sheer quality and uniqueness that the album has to offer to listeners.

Purpose of content

One of the strongest aspects of the album other than the immaculate writing exhibition put out by T.J Troy has to be the genre. Usually, it does not matter who is behind a great song. However, if you happen to hear some of the names behind the production and writing of the song, you might be more inclined to listen to it. Run downhill’s 4th album had a lot to do with Grammy-winning artist T.J Troy. He did quite a handful of the writing and also the production and his ingenious nature can be well heard in the results. A work of Oh My Terrible Joy Music and Comics, the album incorporates songs that will have you dancing right down to those that will curl with you under your sheets while you cry like ‘Name your Price.’

Why is it worth listening to?

If you are looking for something that will be able to appeal to you in some emotional levels, then this would be it. Each of the seven songs has been carefully crafted to appeal to certain emotions and mood making the album and everyday asset regardless of how you feel.

Voice tone.

Pun intended, most songs nowadays can’t make you laugh even though they are great to listen to. Not only do the lyrics incorporate some humor in them, but the vocalist also does a very good job bringing it out as well while holding his own among some other notable vocalists as well. It is a great buy if you want something that will put a smile on your face as well.

Unfortunately, most albums are a bust because they happen to have utmost three great songs with the others being fluff, Run Downhill focused all their energy on just putting seven songs in the album all of which would feature into your media player a couple of times. They are all great and made for different seasons and reasons. It is among the best albums that you will come across in a very long time whether you are young, young at heart, and the country feel would appeal to a majority of the older generation.

Review by Sheila Hopper

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