Ryan Aderrey – “Breathe the World In”


Ryan Aderrey – “Breathe the World In” 

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It isn’t often that music business Svengalis groom young pop idols with good looks, charisma, and genuine songwriting flair. Ryan Aderrey has undermined that expectation since the 2014 release of his single “A Miracle, My Love” from his debut EP What If. His first full-length album, produced by Grammy winner Zach Ziskin, is in the offing with Aderrey handling the bulk of writing duties. The first single from the as-yet-untitled opus, “Breathe the World In”, gives listeners a chance to hear something from this eagerly anticipated follow-up. 

A number of strengths will grab fans immediately. The first is Aderrey’s tight grasp on basic, but indispensible, fundamentals. Unlike many of his peers, Aderrey’s music has the potential for long-lasting impact thanks to its construction. Production gloss and glitter may help distinguish his songs in the marketplace, but their inherent appeal comes from the good wisdom of building them up from a solid musical base. The acoustic guitar running beneath other instruments anchors everything and gives the song unmistakable fullness and a light scattering of harmony vocals enrich the song’s melodic content.  

It’s unfortunate that, for all of the distinctiveness here, the song’s creative direction even entertains a second of pandering. However, Aderrey often wastes the song’s interesting lyrical content thanks to his lackadaisical phrasing. The song’s confessional aura doesn’t inspire much of a response when the singer seems hesitant to give it the needed conviction. The best songs are unified works – meaning each part serves the greater whole and makes sense in its given context. By that standard, the song’s rap section serves no purpose and has a misguided sense of commerciality. These sort of additions point to insecurity – Aderrey has to convince himself and those around him that he doesn’t need those sorts of bells and whistles. Despite whatever flaws it possesses, “Breathe the World In” is clearly the work of an unusually talented songwriter.  

If this single is any indication, the forthcoming full-length release from Aderrey will solidify his early impact and position him for a bright future. There are moments when Aderrey aims for the lowest common denominator, but there are more moments when you hear his music taking unexpected risks and showing disarming vulnerability. Those qualities make “Breathe In the World” a memorable listening experience 

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Lydia Hillenburg