S.C.R.D. Releases New Single, “Feels Like”

S.C.R.D. Releases New Single, “Feels Like”

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New Single “Feels Like ” By S.C.R.D. is out now!

Los Angeles, California – January 29, 2021 – To say that 2020 was hard is an understatement. The pandemic managed to bring the whole world to a stand-still. At a time so bleak, artists pushed through to create and express in different mediums. S.C.R.D. is the perfect example of an artist who used a bleak situation to make a silver lining.

Following up on their Christmas day release of “The Adventures Of”, S.C.R.D has now released their new single, “Feels Like”. Breaking from what the group released in 2020, “Feels Like” is a step in the electronic direction, with the nuevo disco hybrid house vibes.

In a bid to help the world forget about 2020 and its disasters, S.C.R.D. released their first official album, “The Adventures Of,” that has been five years in the making. A collection of talented and accomplished artists and collaborators used their environment and society as inspiration for the stories they tell in this album.

“The Adventures Of” is an album full of short stories in song format. The 14 tracks on the album represent fourteen different stories. When combined, the stories encompass the essence of the last five years and the socio-political climate that has persisted.
In short, the album tracks the changes in society, the artists’ own psychological mindset, and emotional changes. The perspectives of the artists have been distilled into fourteen short stories in musical form.

The Christmas day release party for “The Adventures Of” was a huge hit via live stream on Twitch.

The new single “Feels Like” and “The Adventures of” by S.C.R.D. are available on all major streaming platforms as well as YouTube! For more on the artists and the new album, head to the official website. http://scrd.fun/





S.C.R.D. is comprised of duo Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave, whom the group is named after. They produce and release music under the independent label Trip Digital Music. The duo first met in 2013 and soon started to produce music together. They thrive off of collaborating with local musicians, friends, and fans who they say help drive their creativity to new heights.




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Official Website http://scrd.fun/

Youtube https://youtu.be/qc0-SKhCwGE

Youtube https://youtu.be/jtRVRtylMsA

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/7ICx7KYkgxxXFStVvxeyso?si=fXhPsQEgRlqftiN-EPKlBA

Distrokid https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/scrd/the-adventures-of-3

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