Sage and Stone offers a taste of the 70’s SoCal folk rock scene with their EP release, Silver Lining!

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La Grande, Oregon — Sage and Stone has released their freshman EP, Silver Lining this last March 2023.  Steve and Corie have been performing together for 5 years now, forming Sage and Stone in 2020.  They like the duo format as it is easier to manage and works well with their style of music.  They are committed to “all original” music as Steve’s songwriting impulse is strong and Corie’s unique voice deserves fresh music!

If music lovers like a more mellow, thoughtful style of music, here it is! Sage and Stone is influenced the 70’s folk rock sound of Laurel Canyon and singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Eagles and Fleetwood Mac just to name a few.  They also like to play around in different genres with their original music ranging from indie folk to blues to reggae and even country! Sage and Stone is on all the digital platforms, including but not limited to Spotify, Amazon, Itunes and Youtube. They tour regionally in the Pacific Northwest doing at least dozen shows a year . Please check out their EP, Silver Lining on these platforms, CD’s are available through links on our website,!

“We are in this to make beautiful music, not money”! –  Steve

“If we can touch and influence or comfort or motivate ONE person, we would be happy”  –  Corie

“Your music is very unique, I like it”  –  sound engineer at Festival

Sage and Stone will bring you back to a simpler time, with a modern sound, and an old soul!

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Sage and Stone brings that breezy 70’s SoCal sound mixed with a modern twist to include lyrics that are timely for today and yesterday. Corie and Steve are committed to doing “their own thing” and to the Indie artist path.


Sage and Stone
Name: Stephen Mclaughlin
Address: 2902 Misty Ave., La Grande, Oregon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-541-910-8632
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