Sargeant Q Takes One Of America’s Biggest Problems With New Single 

Sargeant Q Takes One Of America’s Biggest Problems With New Single 

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“Cry, Pt. 1” Available Now 


Charlottesville, Virginia – May 27, 2020 – America’s history with racism stems back to it’s “discovery” in 1492. Since then a system was set in place to ensure a certain type of people is in the driver’s seat. As years progressed, we’ve watched with the false hope that racial tensions would become a thing of the past, but today we continue to see news stories of unarmed Black men and women taken down by their neighbors, and even worse – police. Having had enough, Sargeant Q put his frustrations to song with his latest single “Cry, Pt. 1.” 

“I just wanna cry. I don’t wanna have to die.” 

That line alone speaks volumes about what Sargeant Q and many like him face on a day to day basis in America because of nothing more than the color of their skin. That line, it acts as a reminder throughout the song of the constant struggle certain people in this country face daily as news clips from recent tragedies involving Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor are weaved in. Further reminding us of where we are in this country and how no matter how “far” some may claim we’ve come – it surely isn’t far enough. 

Those who’d like to help push for change on their station by playing music that shines a light on the current events happening in America are invited to add “Cry, Pt. 1” to their playlists. Sargeant Q is also available for interviews for those looking to chat with him about his career thus far and new single for their site, podcast, or radio show. Those interested in any or all of the above can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Quentin James who is also known as “Sargeant Q” or “SGT Q” found his passion for music at the humble age of 16. Five years later he got his big break when he signed to the New York label, Capital Hustlers in 2008. With a label fueling him, he started performing everywhere he could, and by the following years he was sharing bills with everyone from Fat Trel to Logic. In 2016, Quentin released his first mixtape entitled ‘Black Friday’ engineered by SODMG artist Carson Key. Since then he’s dropped two more releases, the most recent being ‘RI 2 VA’ with his younger brother. Now he’s making waves with his latest single, “Cry, Pt. 1” as it shines a solemn light on the current state of America and its treatment of Black people. 

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