Sargent Tucker – Christmas Unites Us

Sargent Tucker – Christmas Unites Us

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Las Vegas, NV — Thursday, December 17th, 2020 — Sargent Tucker (ST) Re-releases for the holidays a single and video titled “Christmas Unites the World.” ST’s motivation behind writing this composition is deeply rooted in spirituality. ST states “As an adult, he has a sincere desire to create music with a purpose, music that brings people together, enriching folks to project something positive into the universe. The essence of ST’s “Christmas Unites the World” is about spreading world-wide peace, sharing the spirit of love, unity, and togetherness.

The song is envisioned with mystical hope of all human beings achieving universal love and unity. ST carefully navigates the lyrics to express the idea of celebrating something greater than ourselves. Christmas is the unifying theme! Whether you’re a believer or not, ST believes everyone can all embrace a season of giving, sharing love, and honoring peace. “Christmas Unites the World” emphasizes communal caring souls. Accompanying ST is then 10-year old Ari, whose introduction dialogue holiday greetings in several languages and background vocals bring in a unique childhood sound.

SOUL TRACKS REVIEW “The First Listen readers have flocked towards the sophisticated smooth old school from Sargent Tucker ever since he was first noticed on “All the Squares”.  The thumbs-up continued for the steady funk driven “I Need Your Love” and “No One Can Replace You.”   “Yet, beyond those genuine gestures of community service, his soulful gleefulness behind the microphone reels in audiences yearning for an escape from meaningless lyrics and generic instrumentation…. Now Tucker dives into the holiday festivities as only he can, offering a message of reconciliation with his latest First Listen, “Christmas Unites the World” (Anada Records). “Of course, Tucker recognizes world countries one by one while and the simplicity behind the holidays:  “Christmas comes / With meaning for a cause / Loving, giving / Just like Santa Claus.”  Under the production guidance from Levi Seacer (Prince, Sounds of Blackness), the easygoing mid-tempo soundtrack matches the always assured vocal spirit from Tucker”. Peggy Oliver (Dec 8, 2019).

In addition, “Christmas Unites the World” features legendary Bay Area Jazz Guitarist and virtuoso Carl Lockett on Guitar/Synthesizer/Piano/Organ with Lisa Patterson contributing on background vocals. Together, in complete synchronization, the vocals, lyrics, instrumentation are creative and diverse, enjoyed by men women and children around the world

Four times consecutively, Sargent has reached the top 10 on the UK Soul Charts with his Sept 22, 2020, single titled “Let’s Get Away”. “Christmas Unites the World” is now available for download at all Major Digital Distributors: Apple Music, USA, Amazon UK ….

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ST is a multi-talented, singer, musician, writer, and producer whose musical roots can be traced back to the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. Already a hit overseas, ST is again breaking the top 10 on the UK Soul Charts with his most recent releases, “Let’s Get Away” (Fall 2020 single), preceded by his single “No One Can Replace You”, (Summer 2019) which was also featured on ST’s “You Can’t Text Love Away”, (Fall 2019 EP). His earlier Remix single, ST featuring Drizabone; “I Need Your Love” (Summer 2016) charted #1 on the UK’s Solar Radio. “I AM Happy”, also an earlier release by ST became the theme song of International Happiness Foundation gala, where ST was the featured guest performer at the Hollywood Global Happiness day; The honorees included Will Smith, Ellen Degeneres, Goldie Hawn, and Robbie Williams.
ST’s very first solo-release on the Macola Records label, “Come See Me,” (of the R&B genre) charted internationally and was later featured on the “SUN SET STRIP” Compilation Album along with Hip Hop Pioneers: N.W.A. (Ice Cube) Dr. Dre’s Production of the “World Class Wreckin’ Cru”. Also, ST’S earliest recordings while in high school with the “Two Things in One” (TTIO) band was featured on the Grammy Nominated “Music City Story” compilation CD liner notes. Later, ST was inducted into the “Bay Area Blues Society Hall of Fame”, along with band members of TTIO.
Currently, ST is in the process of writing and arranging new original material. Afterwards, he’ll meet with his producer Seacer to review and select songs for an up-coming album. Once the song selection process is complete ST will begin rehearsals with his band and studio musicians and schedule the recording sessions. This is a brief summary of the basic processes and organizational skill ST has embodied, and are required to facilitate the completion of a project.


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