Sargent Tucker Delivers With ‘You Can’t Text Love Away’

Sargent Tucker Delivers With ‘You Can’t Text Love Away’

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New EP and Single Out Now


Las Vegas, Nevada – October 8, 2019 – “My life-long desire is to create music with a purpose, that inspires kind souls,” notes R&B singer Sargent Tucker. A man born with a song in his heart and a desire to share it with the world, Tucker is firing on all cylinders with his latest EP, You Can’t Text Love Away.

Five songs deep, You Can’t Text Love Away is for those who yearn for beautifully done R&B with a backbone. Already a hit overseas, his July 2019 single from the EP, “No One Can Replace You” broke the Top 10 on the United Kingdom’s Soul Chart this past summer, and he plans on being a repeat offender with the title track this Fall. Inspired by one’s attachment to their cell phone, “You Can’t Text Love Away” reminds listeners of genuine connection. A lost art as people continue to scroll through the blue light and focus on the digital world instead of what’s right in front of them.

“Today, most daily communication and expression of feelings are done through social media, tweets, face-time, text, and other computer-generated interactions. I believe these formats of communication eliminate the human experience; the sound and inflections of a person’s voice, and the ability to be nearby when speaking to that special person. It often takes-away from the warm feelings that make our relationships rich with meaningful, face to face conversations.”

From telling it like it is on “You Can’t Text Love Away” to the funky ways of “It’s Hot,” Sargent Tucker covers all the bases of R&B with his wide array of musical homages throughout. Making this a must-hear for fans of artists like Charlie Wilson and Brian McKnight.

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A former staple of the San Francisco music scene, Sargent Tucker made a name for himself earlier in his career when he went straight to #1 on United Kingdom’s Solar Radio with “I Need Your Love.” He’s also performed at big-ticket events such as the Hollywood Global Happiness Day where honorees included none other than Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, and Robbie Williams. Now Sargent Tucker is reminding everyone of romance before technological advances with his latest single and EP title track, “You Can’t Text Love Away.”

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