Scripture-Inspired Spellbinding Soul and Gospel Music: Emerging Artist Tâmbourine Set to Soar

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With her enriching vocal compositions that beautifully meld together Soul and R&B music, Tâmbourine is driven to inspire and motivate listeners, shedding light on touching themes and messages, in her attempt to heal the world.

Surprise, Arizona  – April 27th, 2021 –  An up-and-coming artist who is driven and ready to take the world of Gospel and Christian music by storm, Tâmbourine is a true sensation. With striking music, which is dominated by strong instrumentalism, eclectic use of melodic R&B vocals, and a synthesis of rhythms that meld to perfection, Tâmbourine is an authentic new face to the genre of Soul and Gospel music.

Stimulating listeners every step of the way, while imbuing them with a strong sense of spirituality and divinity, the budding Gospel artist is rising up the ranks, as she releases a string of refreshing and soulful new singles.

Tâmbourine’s new singles, “Oh God” and “Find You” reflect an introspective and soul-stirring musical voyage, which is rooted in the inspirational and moving lessons of scriptures.

Gearing up for the release of her planned upcoming album “Find You”, which is slated for release in August, the rising artist’s music is an ode to her past life, experiences and burning life lessons. Presented meticulously the new single is a relatable and moving composition, which is bound to become a fan favorite.

A stunning amalgamation of Soul and R&B music, “Find You” is accentuated by an underlying Gospel theme which highlights Tâmbourine’s finest. With heartfelt songwriting blended with music, which is mesmerizing and memorable, Tâmbourine is making sure that her crucial messages of life, love and challenges are delivered beautifully. Most importantly, a constant reminder of trusting God and His ways is enunciated through the soulful and rhythmic composition, underscored by piano chords and soft instrumentalism.

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Budding Gospel and Christian artist Tâmbourine was born into a musically-active family, with her father being a part of the 1960s Gospel musical group The Kelley Brothers. Discovering a unique love for Opera during her teenage years, the rising artist joined the All-City Chorus in Chicago, performing at the Orchestra Hall.

Growing up, Tâmbourine was inspired by the strength of her household’s roots in their faith, influenced particularly by her grandmother who played the tambourine- something which motivated the artist to adopt the self-styled name Tambourine. Facing numerous challenges such as depression, homelessness, abusive relationships and single parenting on children with a life-threatening disease, Tâmbourine has continued to grow.

Rekindling her relationship with God, Tâmbourine found music to be her calling, expressing herself through its scintillating power. Today, the growing artist continues her strong advocacy of Autism support organizations and making music which heals.



Name: Tâmbourine
Email: [email protected]




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