Sculpting Connections of Love with Raw Energy, Strength, and Passion- Kathleen Carnali Stuns with “More Than Life”

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A breathtaking new Christian release, “More Than Life” marks Kathleen’s fantastic collaborative effort with Billboard-charting producer Geoff Duncan

Nashville, TN —August 11th, 2023 – A raw, honest, and unshakably pure act in the music world- Kathleen Carnali emerges as a radiant beacon of hope, her voice resounding with the unwavering message of love and faith.

With her latest single “More Than Life,” released on August 11, 2023, Kathleen’s musical journey takes a soul-stirring turn, inviting listeners to embrace a purpose larger than themselves.

“More Than Life,” a product of Kathleen Carnali’s collaboration with the acclaimed Billboard-charting producer Geoff Duncan, is more than just a song; it’s an anthem of unwavering devotion.

Drawing upon her deep-rooted spirituality, Kathleen crafts melodies that embody the pure positivity which gets overshadowed by contemporary cultural trends. Through this single, listeners are invited to tap into an energy that goes beyond the ordinary, to find strength and passion in something greater than themselves.

Unfettered by the flowing currents of mainstream society, Kathleen delivers a magnetic presence. The power of Kathleen’s music was recently unveiled in the heart of Times Square, NYC, as she introduced “More Than Life“- a track which resonated deeply with all listeners.

Representative of a strong force that binds hearts and souls together in a shared journey of faith and inspiration, the stirring new single is one of her best works yet. “More Than Life” is set to be accompanied by a visually compelling official music video, premiering August 18, 2023 on Kathleen’s YouTube Channel.

Kathleen Carnali’s music isn’t just a collection of melodies; it’s a reflection of her devotion, a mirror to her unwavering faith, and a bridge that connects souls to their creator.

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Kathleen Carnali is not just a singer/songwriter, but rather an emblem of honesty, strength of faith, and profound connections. Acting as a conduit through which the gospel flows in harmonious melodies and uplifting verses, the artist has been awakening hearts and minds through her craft.

Kathleen’s musical performances have taken her through countries such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, South Korea, Central America, Canada, the Caribbean, Israel, and Australia.

Kathleen’s artistic journey is punctuated by milestones that reflect her deep-rooted commitment to her faith and her craft. Her charting singles on Christian Radio serve as a testament to her music’s resonance, while her performances with esteemed artists such as Big Daddy Weave, Michael Tate (Newsboys), Lincoln Brewster, Audio Adrenalin, and many more showcase her collaborative spirit and dedication to the larger musical community.


Kathleen Carnali
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