Seconds Before Landing release new album

Seconds Before Landing release new album

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Seconds Before Landing

CD: Seconds Before Landing II


Seconds Before Landing (John Crispino) just released his second release to date entitled Seconds Before Landing II. The dark inspirations that find their way into his songwriting ensure that Seconds Before Landing will turn heads in gothic rock, electro-metal and industrial communities worldwide.

Music sounds like: Crowbar, Agalloch, Satyricon, And Acid Bath, Bass Communication, Riverside, The Pineapple Thief, Opeth.

“Seconds Before Landing II” as you would expect is a carefully crafted 11 track musical journey through the forbidden forest that is John Crispino’s psyche – and yes he can go deep. CD showcasing Electro Rock and Progressive artisanship at its best. The end result creates a foundation for memorable, clairvoyant group of songs. There are clear-defined messages sure to have a not so positive but powerful impact on many listeners. One of the things I really like about this project is despite the dark rock overtones it manage keep the themes relatively pure steering clear of the ridiculous and over the top “Crypt Keeper” mantra. I am not fascinated by Marilyn Manson one bit. Truth be told I’m more fascinated with Milli Vanilli. Bu all jokes aside you can also hear influences from November’s Doom, Anathema and Bathpry just to name a few. Personally I see Crispino as a musical hybrid between Trent Reznor and Pink Floyd actually. It almost sounds as if he’s from the UK of spent time there. I’m not sure where he’s from but I would wager he lives in England. I also noticed this CD was engineered by Pink Floyd’s engineer Andy Jackson so he has ties to the UK scene. What’s more vocals from Crispino possess an inviting timber that will be sure to attract many. Crispino is clearly a marquee talent and has a strong yet striking visuals for Seconds Before Landing brand as I spent some time on his FACEBOOK page. The first few tracks “Big Train”, “Hey Dad” and my top pick: “Al Shaitan” set the preliminary mood well. “The Great Deceiver” deserves an honorable mention as well and “Don’t Want To Feel This Way” reminds me of Poisonback. “Enoch” is one of the best songs on the CD and is towards the end. All tracks really bring out the dazzling plying abilities of this composer to light.

Many tracks have excessive musical meandering and are to long – Crispino needs to cut to the chase as a composer on some songs.

Overall, this latest release from Seconds Before Landing pulls out all the stops and will bring nothing but intriguing melancholy darkness for your musical status quos. The CD is fully loaded with musical movements and twists and turns that will intrigue. I do recommend you listen to the album on headphones to heighten the experience. “Seconds Before Landing II” is filled with much in the way of integrity, passion, amazing writing and arranging solid guitar solos and a brilliant writing style coupled with the amazing lyrics. All this and more makes Seconds Before Landing lead by John Crispino and hot commodity and a force to be reckoned with.

Rating: 9/10 

– Trace Adler. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes.


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