Seek Something New with The-Glory-Seekers


The-Glory-Seekers ReviewThe-Glory-Seekers is a pair of musical pals who create music their way, which is a lotta bit Country with little bursts of other genres tossed in. “Country Rap Song” name drops a lot of famous rappers but like the title says, is done in a Country manner. I’m pretty sure this is a one of a kind song, but I could be wrong. Nevertheless it’s an interesting one, that’s for sure. After getting a little street we head towards “Lonely – At – The – Top” and are welcomed with a playful intro that guides us into a somber song about being solo. We stay on that subject as we roll into “House All Alone.” Only this time the music is a but lighter. One of the best from this pair is “She Did The Crime.” It has a good set of lyrics as well as a well constructed musical setting. It was a perfect place to end this review, but then “Same Damn Plain” started and it was a song that needed a shout out as well. This one doesn’t really have that Country feel like the rest but does have a pop vibe that feels a little folky. For the most part if you’re a fan of Country music you’ll want to check out The-Glory-Seekers today to see all they entail. (