Self Proclaimed Sophisticated Vagabond Releases New Track, “Medri”

Self Proclaimed Sophisticated Vagabond Releases New Track, “Medri”

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“Art is my roots” Iraqi artist claims

Malmo, Skone Sweden – March 26th 2021 – Ironically enough, times of distress and great hardship produce some of the best pieces of art. Artist Aida Nadeem’s story is one such. Hailing from Iraq, the singer/songwriter has channeled her sorrowful experiences, including displacement from her home country, to produce music that transcends boundaries, cultures, and nationalities.

Her new single, “Medri,” set to be released on March 26th, is inspired by this humanist philosophy. The song starts with the Iraqi colloquial, “Should I cry…or should I laugh”. According to the artist, the inspiration to make a song out of this saying came up to her while reading the newspaper in spring last year, leading to the rest of the lyrical content. Translated in English, the song goes as follows:

Should I cry…or should I laugh
Should I shush… or should I shout out
Should I cheer up…or should I be concerned
Or should I leave it to heaven as always

Our dreams, our hopes
Our songs, our lights
Will ever hymn with us

For otherwise, how would we breathe our humanity?

Aida Nadeem believes in diversity and bringing together a heterogeneous group of people to compose music that is appreciated worldwide. The new single “Medri” is a reflection of this belief. It started with a workshop at the Backa Theatre in Gothenburg, where artists, instrumentalists, and musicians from different ethnicities and backgrounds gathered together. They shared ideas, and creativity bloomed, leading to the production of an inspiring new track.

The instrumentalists involved in this collaborative work of art are: The American Gothenburg-based bass player Christopher Ek, the Swedish percussionist Per Svanner, and the Swedish accordion player Camilla Åström.
Sound engineering & mix involve the British-Sweden based Daniel Goody, and mastering was done by Cagan Tunali, owner of Noisiest in Istanbul/TR
lastly, this track was funded by the Swedish Artists council/Konstnärsnåamnden & released by AudioMaze records

Nadeem’s track has started to receive due recognition. Currently, it has been shortlisted as a semi-finalist in the ISC 2020.

A keen listener, and a staunch believer in humanity’s potential to improve, the Iraqi artist tries to reach out to listeners and audiences despite their cultural, religious, ethnic, or other differences. For her, music is truly universal, and its only purpose must be to spread love and hope in trying times.

Based on the philosophy of a “Sophisticated Vagabond,” the artist plans to compose a new album shortly.

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Having seen all manner of destruction, grief, and hardships due to her past status as a refugee, Artist Aida Nadeem strives to be a beacon of hope for humanity. She believes in a shared global culture – one characterized by humanity and faith – and wishes to have many more international collaborations.




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