Sensational and Awe-Inspiring Music That Resonates with The Heart: Jah Fendii Releases New Hip Hop Album

Sensational and Awe-Inspiring Music That Resonates with The Heart: Jah Fendii Releases New Hip Hop Album

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‘Bigger Than Ever’ is a consortium of phenomenal music carefully crafted to rejuvenate listeners with alluring tunes

Atlanta, Georgia — March 31st 2022- Jah Fendii releases his newest album titled ‘Bigger Than Ever’ on his birthday that was on 10/22/21, which is an ecstatic selection of beats meant to make listeners get lost in the music. This new music comes as the latest addition to the rising star’s already hit musical singles which include “Top 5 (Freestyle)”, “Anniversary”, and “Fendii Fanatic”.

‘Bigger Than Ever’ is a labor of love that has slowly been produced, solely guided by the inner callings of the artist in a way in which the music becomes an inextricably personal project. Fendii has recognized his own demeanor in recording music so much so that his process for music composition is simply those songs that generate an unexplainable feeling of excitement.

Fendii’s continued motivation for the production of music is displayed by the persistent release of new singles throughout 2020 and 2021. The core of the musician’s inspiration is the idea that there are people that look up to him and thus this music becomes more than just an activity that is done for himself but more so something that is done for all those that support him.

Stream this inspiring artist’s music on YouTube and Sound cloud as well as Spotify on the following link–4FVflNFwEQ. Follow the inspiring artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interview, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email [email protected]. You can stream this music on any of the major music platforms and can purchase it as well!




Jah Fendii is a young artist who was born in Brooklyn, New York. The aspiring musician had always been making music but it was only recently, in the summer of 2019, that he has started making music seriously. In this short time the musician has become a verified artist on Spotify with a small but dedicated fan-base.

Fendii’s ultimate goal is to gain traction with his listeners. The artist’s simply wants to be appreciated by the masses, to have someone say “Turn that up!” when they hear Fendii’s music come on. The musician’s novel taste is a mix of both glitz, glamor, and personal experience. The young star wishes listeners to keep an eye out for Fendii’s newest single “Outstanding”- the latest addition to this new consortium of novel music.


Jah Fendii
Name: Jah Fendii
Email: [email protected]




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