Single Review – Hello Friday – Lexxica


Single Review – Hello Friday – Lexxica


A few things become abundantly clear within the first few moments of electronic singer-songwriter Lexxica’s new single, “Hello Friday” – As the anthemic vocals come in right up front in methodical synth vibes, Lexxica begins to glorify the weekend; and doesn’t stop doing so for nearly 4 minutes. There’s nothing subtle about this tracks lyrical content, she wants us to know that the weekend is her idol, and that she is determined to worship at the alter. At its core, this is a concept we’ve heard time and time again in the radio-tinged electro-pop rabble that plagues the airwaves, and fortunately for Lexxica sounds fresh enough here to warrant it’s place amongst the masses.

The four on the floor drumbeat that dominates the track is think and danceable. Definitely something to write home about, but the production of the kick in particular does sound quite thunderous against the huge synth waves on top of it. I’ll hand it to Lexxica, this song would probably be right at home in your high end US nightclub. The completely basic beat and upbeat-but-frantic synth styles are hallmarks of this above average tune dropped on a Friday night anywhere in the country.

Lexxica opens the track with some optimistic imagery: “Get past the lights / take it inside / like a silhouette under the lights” before dropping into the main hook by cheerily welcoming the end of the week in true electro-house fashion. I’ll admit, this track doesn’t try and play games with you. It wants to be the next top-10 hit talking about how amazing it is to let loose on the off hours, and it isn’t afraid to show you that up front.

The production effort is amazing featuring Grammy-nominated producer Rusty Varenkamp. Rusty has worked with artists like MUTEMATH and Fireflight over the course of his career, and his work in electronic music seems to be equally palatable. The massive synth lines in the chorus follow a pretty modest progression, but the subtle layers within the sounds themselves offer this track a good chance at a unique and dynamic sound to become a hit. In fact, this reviewer loved how there were no vocals over the top musical theatrics, instead pumping the rhythm section up to the top of the mix and letting loose with the drop. The vocals were inspiring.

Lexxica has this to say about her new track: “This song is about getting away and escaping the mundane.” The effort is certainly there, and the production almost gets it perfect, via lyrical content and the inspiring melodies with strong staying power long after the track has run its course.

Tyler Cooper