Snoonie, Next Up?

Snoonie, Next Up?

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Grand Rapids, Michigan — Snoonie uses his voice to bring forth stories that are personal to him. Snoonie has been writing since a child and feels as if God has kept from an early demise to tell his story to the world.

Anyone who has dealt with hardship and pain will understand Snoonie’s complexity. Snoonie make music for the world. Snoonie’s goal is to reach that one person in a way that it changes its life around. With nothing left but faith, Snoonie relies on his God given talent to fulfill his destiny of reaching people that need healing through the power of words.

Snoonie has overcame many obstacles in his life and refuse to give up. Snoonie can be heard saying that “Life can be better, but it can also be worse”.

Snoonie can be heard on all platforms across social media. “Thank you all for listening”.

Snoonie is known to capitivate his audience with his song writing abilities. The question remains, is Snoonie next up?

Snoonie can be heard on all streaming platforms. Snoonie is on all social media outlets.




Snoonie is described more as a world artist. He can adjust to any genre as long as he’s at the core of writing the song lyrics. Snoonie believes nothing can stop Gods plan.


Name: Izaya McNeely
Address: 337 Spencer St NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 616-323-7146
Press Kit:




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