“So Does Your Mother” by “Neighbours”


“So Does Your Mother” by “Neighbours”

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“So Does Your Mother” by “Neighbours” was an entirely different genre than anything I’ve previously listened to. Unfortunately, this was not a good thing. Although I was able to find a couple moments to thoroughly enjoy on the album, the sections I personally disliked outweighed the good by leaps and bounds. Part of the problem for me was I never felt like I was listening to one style of music. A good analogy would be to let your small child make breakfast for you one morning. You don’t know exactly what you’re going to get, and it’s probably going to be a mixture of things which don’t quite go together. That’s the equivalent of what this album was for me.

The first track, “Mitile Milite”, started off well enough, but for me everything fell apart when they introduced the flute towards the end of the song. If you’ve ever seen the film “Anchorman”, you know “Ron Burgundy” plays a pretty mean jazz flute. Once that section arrived, I had a difficult time taking it seriously anymore. I kept smiling while thinking of him playing on the tables of a nightclub, or underneath a stall in one of its public bathrooms.

Track two, “M.D. (Feat Ike Willis”) was my favorite track on the album. This song took me back to high school when I listened to “Incubus” constantly. Many of the sections of this track sounded like two of their earlier albums, “Science” and “Morning View”. The addition of brass to their ensemble, for me, felt out of place throughout the entire album. Imagine if “The Mighty Mighty Bosstones” showed up at your favorite bands show, whether they meshed well with their style or not. They’d be okay performing on their own, but they have no place covering a show with “Incubus”. That was the general feeling I had while listening to “So Does Your Mother” by “Neighbours”.

My least favorite track had to of been “Your Mother”. I didn’t care for the vocals mostly, and as a whole it just wasn’t coming together for my personal taste. The lyrics “Your Mother” were repeated constantly throughout the track, and this is a pet peeve of mine. It feels incredibly lazy to me when any artist does this. I get the impression they couldn’t come up with ideas for new lyrics. When this occurs on any album, I’ve always preferred they not sing any lyrics at all. The musicians exude such strength in their ability to play each instruments, which is part of the reason I feel disappointed. I understand musicians can’t cater to each and every person’s personal taste in music. To put it simply, their style isn’t my cup of tea.

Despite my problems with their particular style of music, I can’t argue the fact they’re skilled musicians with a boatload of talent. The bassist, “Gian Maria Camponeschi”, has an incredible amount of control and has certainly perfected their craft. I also found it easy to enjoy the electronic aspects on the album. The brass section clashed especially with that aspect, which was my main conflict when struggling to listen to the entire album. Suffice it to say, I don’t anticipate adding “Neighbours” to my personal playlist.

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Jason Ryan Jones