So much potential in a young man with no one behind him

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Columbia, S.C — Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 — With so much potential and growth from a persistent young man why isn’t his reality becoming real. Some may say popularity or like family has said talent. All which are not the case but surely marketing and exposure.

Tay Jay is a soulful multitalented Artist who not only sings but has given back to So many not expecting anything. It all trickled down from money to personal time. Although it makes sense that the universe would return the deed he still had and has all odds against him.

Tay Jay has faced hardships of homelessness, neglect, loss of family and no support. One of his favorite quotes is We Can Change The World Unless We Change Ourselves and Another his personal Stand in to stand out

Tay Jay has always remained positive although he has days of doubt about his calling. He has always shown care and love to those deserving and undeserving. He realizes with the gift he has it is valuable and feels it will benefit others more so than himself l.

In all, he just wants a better future for those who struggle and his family. He has been the light in others’ pathway and has always been a positive reinforcement to others. And one day wants a reality of peace to those who sincerely seek and want it.

To hear so of this talented Artist music click the links to become tuned in as he faces trials and situations that make the people he inspires and himself greater than yesterday.


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Tay Jay
Taylor Douglas
3626 Ardincaple Dr

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

Sharing is caring! Support Indie Musicians!

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