Solaz Brings The Heat With “Endless Summer”

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New Single And Video To Be Released

Miami, FL – July 2, 2020- KumRock! singer/guitarist Solaz is ready for the double video and single release of “Endless Summer” to wow listeners. The rock genre created by Solaz will be the new sound of the year. Listeners will be rushing to add this single to their summer playlist.

Music lovers can sample “Endless Summer’s” video on YouTube or download from music streaming channels. The rock song will have you singing along and being immersed in the emotional ballad. Listeners will find themselves taking a soulful, musical journey as they put in their earbuds and turn on “Endless Summer.” 

Solaz and his band created KumRock! Their debut song, “Embrujo,” was the first in KumRock! Genre. They released a full-length album towards the end of 2019 called “Nexo.” The album surpassed 200,000 streams shortly after its release, gaining the band a larger following. After listening to the album, you will push play again and again. Their music videos are an amazing cinematic experience, filmed in amazing locations in South Florida and California.

To listen to more of their music, or to contact Solaz for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below.

To listen to their tunes, check out Solaz’s main website:


[email protected]

“Endless Summer”:


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