Solemn Pledge Rocks with “Peter Pan: The Rock Opera” – A Unique Take on a Timeless Classic

Solemn Pledge Rocks with “Peter Pan: The Rock Opera” – A Unique Take on a Timeless Classic

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Through spirited and thrilling rock music, Solemn Pledge presents an innovative spin on the beloved children’s classic

New York, NY — March 2nd, 2023 – Creating magic with their spell-binding music, Solemn Pledge delivers a powerful new Rock Opera record. Titled ‘Peter Plan- The Rock Opera,’ the gripping new release is fashioned as a concept EP which marks the third album and third Rock Opera from the rock duo.

A 5-track concept EP, ‘Peter Pan: The Rock Opera’ sets the stage for an inspirational movie musical about the boy who would not grow up. Underscoring a range of childhood transitions and experiences, such as love, growth, change, dreaming, responsibility, caring, and maturity, ‘Peter Pan: The Rock Opera’ forcefully conveys the power of the story through rock music.

The new record opens with the powerfully enchanting “To Neverland” which sets the stage for the exhilaration and pathos of the songs that follow. With this first song, the album establishes Peter Pan’s motivation in bringing Wendy to his home, the place where he hopes she will care for him and the Lost Boys.

The band’s impact reverberates through the vocal brilliance of its incomparable singer, Maria Genevieve Elia, who performed all vocals, both Wendy’s and Peter Pan’s. Maria’s partner, Michael Justin Lee, masterfully composed and produced all of the band’s songs.

The eclectic band remains on a musical mission to create more and more Rock Operas that bring to life timeless classics with the hope of enthralling audiences. Through the allure of Rock music, Solemn Pledge are in the vanguard of this innovative approach to storytelling and remain on the track towards widespread acclaim!

As with Solemn Pledge’s previous two albums (“Mulan: A Soldier’s Story” and “Romeo and Juliet: The Rock Opera”), “Peter Pan: The Rock Opera,” is streaming on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and on over 150 other platforms worldwide.

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Solemn Pledge is a dynamic Rock music duo that combines the artistries of Maria Genevieve Elia and Michael Justin Lee. Maria, a heavy metal vocalist with a very distinctive timbre and a vocal range of three and a half octaves, has performed on rock and symphonic rock projects with artists around the world. Michael, a member of the Songwriters Guild of America, the Producers Guild of America, and the Society of Composers and Lyricists, has written and produced five albums that are streaming on all the major platforms worldwide.

Guided by an innovative creative vision and motivated by the objective of creating Rock Operas from literary classics for future movie productions, Solemn Pledge enthralls audiences with their ingenious musical compositions in paving their unique trajectory.


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