Someone’s Junk Rockin’ Up North


Someones Junk ReviewSomeone’s Junk is a rock band sitting north of the US in Canada. “Helicopter Ride” is full on rock from the start. After a week of waiting to hear what this band sounded like, I was not disappointed. It was like the music you’d hear alongside bands like Jane’s Addiction and Rob Zombie at a festival. It sits somewhere between those two and sits tall. The adrenaline stays high with the octane “Why Fly” serves up, then we get a little simmered down with the vocals in “Power Rage,” but the music is well, still raging on. Things take a strange turn with “My Live.” The rock is traded in for something a bit more obscure, but you can’t help but listen and be intrigued by what’s going on. Okay, back on track with “Girlfriend,” a sexy track. You get a sensual look at Someone’s Junk with this one. Rounding out our time with this band is “Till You Drop.” It has an industrial feel that keeps you on the tip of your toes. So in the end Someone’s Junk is a well-rounded rock band that can be loud, sexy and experimental. No matter what they keep the rock alive, so check them out today! (