Sonido – Camino De Los Suenos


Sonido – Camino De Los Suenos


Style: Latin Pop, Flamenco cross-over, World Fusion, Instrumental, Mood Jazz,

Multi-Talented Composer / Pianist / Producer Arie Salma and American Guitar- Virtuoso Rob Math formed SONIDO on January 2012, giving birth to a fantastic musical journey which takes you through an exhilarating multi-cultural experience. Sonido (The Sound) is a Los Angeles based band led by Arie Salma and Rob Math. Sonido play original compositions featuring Flamenco-Jazz-Pop-World styles. Along with American Guitar- Virtuoso Rob Math, they formed SONIDO on January 2012. The result of their bonding gave birth to this fantastic musical journey. Listening to Sonido’s music is self-evident right from the start. The music takes you through an exhilarating experience which is as spiritually lifting as it is multi-cultural and authentic.

Sonido are: Arie Salma: Piano, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Add. Bass, Djembe, Add. Percussion, Rob Math: Lead Nylon String Guitar. Other Musicians: John Ferraro: Drums, Hussain Jifri: Bass Guitar, Michael Dubin: Timbales, Congas, Bongos, Add Percussion, Alex Acuna: Congas Ronen Gordon: Drums, Lilo Fadida: Rhythm Guitar, Mel Steinberg: Flute, Michael Fortunato: Trumpet.

I get the impression this album is the result of an experiment to create a combination of collective improvised Flamenco guitar pieces that remains accessible on multiple levels for the listener because some of the rhythms are relatively simple beats. This perceived unifying concept relies on a minimal framework of very straight forward meters, tempos and sonorities. Some however are quite dynamic. The framework is at once intended to provide continuity and facilitate a free exchange of ideas between different musical genera’s with equal roles. Sonido delivers a masterful blend of vintage Flamenco Guitar driven Jazz and Contemporary Jazz or Smooth Jazz – yet delivers and accessible yet earthy, pure signature sound. Indeed basic rhythms, expensive chords and organically-catchy melody lines are the heart of the Sonido formula. Some would say this combination doesn’t make any sense. By oversimplifying his beats he expands the traditional Flamenco sound to appeal to a whole new fanbase? Makes perfect sense to me?

This amazing collection of 10 new songs bring complex Flamenco style guitar, heartfelt melodies with straight forward “in the pocket” rhythms. The “high end” guitar performances from Math and even keeled playing by Salma via the sometimes high-energy musical overtones is sure to provoke a positive reaction from every listener that gives Sonido just a minute of their time. Camino De Los Suenos is in itself an exciting album full of music that can be listened to virtually in any situation or setting. The songs on the album are a mixture of elements that will encourage you to tap your foot, but also offer a mixture of dynamic and Latin musical landscapes that will keep you guessing or wondering what’s around the next corner. From the perfect opener “My Star” to more intense “Green Salsa” and “Blue Warrior” some of their more impressive tracks, to the more mellow and relaxing “Sapphire” and “There was a Time” to the amazing title track virtually any music fan can find something they would enjoy within this delightful collection of 10 songs. I enjoyed some of the solo segments like the Electric Piano on “There Was a Time” and the trumpet, percussion and piano solos on “Green Salsa”. “Green Salsa” is also the hottest track on the album – hands down!

Camino De Los Suenos offers a unique opportunity to sit back and see where this amazing journey will take you via interesting and exciting sounds that will remind you of Paco De Lucia, Vincent Amigo and Sabicas and Astor Piazzolia. Sonido is a musical force worth checking out, or watching live as his therapeutic sound and overly simplistic feel can be appreciated by any fan of music, even those who don’t have the capacity to enjoy or even understand what gold standard Flamenco is all about.

Rating 5/5 Stars


by Jennifer Moran. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes.