Soul-Shaking And Mind Opening Gospel Music: Ruth K.O. Is Known For Creating Musical Symphonies That Inspire Musicians From Far And Wide.

Soul-Shaking And Mind Opening Gospel Music: Ruth K.O. Is Known For Creating Musical Symphonies That Inspire Musicians From Far And Wide.

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This consortium of music is known for inciting the unwavering and dutiful love for God into the hearts of listeners both through sound and image.

Kildare, Kildare, Ireland — October 16th, 2022- Ruth K.O. is a brilliant new up-and-coming artist who has used her extensive exposure to the world as a reason to make a difference in this world through her music. This mix of amazing tunes has helped produce a unique platform that celebrates faith in all its glory through emotionally deep lyrics and musically apt tunes. Ruth’s core motivator in her musical mission is to ensure that she can inspire others in times of abject hopelessness and despair.

Ruth has a beautifully vibrant multicultural background and embodies a new sense of worldliness and flair in her music. Her mother, a Sierra Leonean, her father, a Ghanaian, and her husband, a Nigerian have all profusely contributed to her life in ways that have only enriched her heart and mind. The eclectic’s travels from growing up in Greece to now living in Ireland show her propensity for change and openness to new surroundings. Perhaps, in all this diversity, a constant has only been her commitment to the musical message that she relays to her fans.

The singer’s hope for life is her motivation to do what she does. She hopes her music will inspire people to draw closer to God, a loving entity who cares for us in ways that remain unfathomable. It is this goodwill that the artist hands out into the world in hopes to help mitigate the darkness that often clouds innocent minds. “Time To Shine” is a representation of this musical mastery.

Ruth’s biggest motivators are her family members while her core inspiration is Joseph Obamwonyi and her celebrity inspiration is Lauren Daigle. The musical genius’ motto in life is “No Excuses”. The artist owns willfulness in understanding the challenges in life and their unwavering grit have helped her leave room for people to grow in ways that they have never done so before.

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube, Spotify, and her musical website Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email [email protected].



Ruth K.O. is a Gospel Artist from a multicultural background with a passion for music. The inspiring musician has been singing in Gospel choirs all her life slowly building up the expertise to do her first solo. These choirs have helped the singer form mastery of lyrics and musical rhythms that have directly translated into creating exceptionally profound music. Undeniably modest, Ruth does not consider herself a great singer but simply says that it’s what she loves to do. Even so, the positive response from audiences begs to differ from this humble proposal.

The singer has been writing music since her teenage years but many things got in the way of her dream to be a Gospel Artist, her husband and mother were major factors in her decision to go against the odds and make her way into music. Ruth is not in it for entertainment, rather her goal is to continue making music and live her dream of helping others realize their dreams. One day the artist hopes to be an inspiration to many and make a difference in her little way!


Ruth K.O.
Name: Ruth K.O.
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