Soul-touching and a deep consortium of music that continues to enthuse listeners: JT Wells Releases a Hit New Single for Audiences All across the World.

Soul-touching and a deep consortium of music that continues to enthuse listeners: JT Wells Releases a Hit New Single for Audiences All across the World.

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This new song is a beautiful peek into the artist’s own life through melodious and innovative music tunes and deep lyrics.

304 W. Hitt St. Mount Morris, IL —1st May 2023- JT Wells is a new up-and-coming artist who continues to create music that forms a simple yet enduring bridge between listeners from all over the world. The artist wishes to string together soft tunes with authenticity and love to create sounds that remain effortlessly timeless like the classics from which they draw inspiration. Wells has been dutifully committed to the production of acoustic music, bringing a fresh new wave of music to the masses.

The eclectic star does not simply wish his music to be a source of entertainment, but an introspective tool through which one can connect with their higher self. The singer realizes the dire need for new tunes at a time like this when there is isolation all around. These acoustic melodies are a respite from the everyday feelings of loneliness, enveloping listeners in a warm hug.

Wells’ new single is the latest addition to this conscious and self-reflective music-making process that serves to further an empathetic musical project. This collection of thought-provoking music comes from a place of extreme, raw openness of the singer himself. The songwriter wishes to take this opportunity to profess some of the most conflicting emotions one feels in a relatable way.

Some of the musician’s other successful singles include “Roll”, “The Shelf”, and “Papa Didn’t Die Alone” all of which highlight a specific life event that lies close to the singer. Each life-event signals the larger picture that Wells meticulously paints, one which defiantly grasps the listeners’ attention. These deep-felt stories coupled with the artist’s strong and beautiful vocals make for a musical experience like none other.

Discover the inspiring artist’s music on Spotify and other musical websites. Tune into the singer’s YouTube channel at the following link Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email [email protected].



JT Wells has been around the block a few times, doing many things at the same time. The singer has spent a lot of his time trying to juggle several different talents that he has acquired. Wells looks at his music as a beautiful way of communicating with individuals from different walks of life. Drawing from his own experiences, as well as the experiences of others, gives the rising star the unique ability to make everyone feel seen and heard. This art form comes from a place of deep reflection and love for humanity and its discontents.

The inspiring artist has worked very hard to erode the barrier between him and his audience in a way in which his music dives into his soul. This brave expression of intimacy and truthfulness keep the audience grounded in a way in which they realize their strengths and drawbacks. Stay tuned to Well’s latest musical developments to finally have access to music that makes you matters!


JT Wells
Name: JT Wells
Address: 304 West Hitt Street, 304 W. Hitt St. Mount Morris, IL
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 18152386703




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