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“Smile” is a melodic ballad about the possibilities of love

Jackson, Mississippi  –  Artist Just Allen has released a new song, “Smile (The Ballad).” Also written by the talented singer, this new track was produced and engineered by JR Production. Falling in the R&B and soul genres, the latest release has garnered a lot of attention from fans and peers. Listeners have described the song as calming, relaxing, and soulful; this is due to the artist’s beautiful and gentle vocals that create a feeling of love and balance for the listener.

Artist Just Allen isn’t a stranger to music. Born in a musically inclined family, the artist has also chosen to follow a career in music. His career is characterized by the harmonies characteristic of R&B and Soul music with some contemporary pop influences, making his compositions likable and attractive to new generation audiences. Considering Just Allen’s musical leanings, it comes as no surprise that he is inspired by the likes of Teddy Pendergrass and Jeffrey Osborne. Upon careful listening, one can even extract the subtle influences of these artists in Just Allen’s music.

The latest release by the talented artist is not his first; he has several releases to his name, such as the single preceding this one, titled “Thinking About You.” The previous track, also a heart-touching composition, is based on his love for a woman. Considering the amount of packed in the singer, songwriter’s music, it comes as no surprise that he has received recognition in the form of the Southern Laced Artist of the Year Award 2016.

Just Allen has big plans for the future. He intends to be the headliner of his concerts and wants to be popular enough to sell thousands of seats. The musician wants to make it big enough to win Grammy’s.

This artist draws inspiration from his personal experiences in life. Each day, he strives to create sounds that touch hearts and are exceptionally unique.

For more information on Just Allen, please visit his website here. The artist is open to interviews, collaborations, and bookings for shows. To listen to his latest song, “Smile,” please visit this website.






Artist Just Allen is a talented singer and songwriter who has already been recognized for his musical talents. Born in a family already involved in music, Just Allen is following the family legacy. He plans on releasing more music and is looking forward to growing his career.




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