Steady Rollin Releases Limited Vinyl Edition Album, ‘Love & Loss’

Steady Rollin Releases Limited Vinyl Edition Album, ‘Love & Loss’

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Listen To Steady Rollin’s First Full Release Out Now

London, Greater London, United Kingdom – Benjamin Andrade, Gerardo Pardo, and Fernando Poma have had an obsessive fascination and interest in music for as long as they can remember. Their common love for music is what brought together Steady Rollin. Steady Rollin is a rock band that uses music to talk about experiences that are unheard of in mainstream music today. The band comprises Benjamin Andrade on drums and backing vocals, Gerardo Pardo on bass, and Fernando Poma on guitar and lead vocals.

Steady Rollin recently came out with ‘Love & Loss,’ a stunning double vinyl edition of their first full release album. The album contains ten tracks, each backed by a musical twist between emotional blues, agile, sinuous rock, and a squall of alternative power. Fernando Poma writes the lyrics for all the band’s music, including this album. The guitarist-cum-vocalist uses stories about love from real-life experiences. With this album, the band hopes to communicate their emotions to the listeners and thereby form a connection with them.

Each member brings their own unique touch to the band’s music. Fernando Poma has been drumming and playing the guitar ever since he was a child, a musical passion that he brings to each song he writes. Gerardo Pardo is a professional bass and guitar player who adds a melancholic note to Steady Rollin’s compositions. Benjamin Andrade has established several successful music bands, such as Kroma, Ultraviolet, and Alter Ego, adding an expert touch to the band’s music.

The double vinyl edition of the album, ‘Love & Loss’ is a culmination of the band’s epic journey in music till now. It reinforces Steady Rollin’s reputation as a rock band, oozing authenticity and class and rejecting studio trickery. Instead, these powerful rock goliaths aim to play the music that is live and raw. Limited to just 100 copies, this album is dedicated to their die-hard fans in the UK and around the world who have been touched by their music.

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Steady Rollin is a blues and rock band comprising Benjamin Andrade on percussion, Gerardo Pardo on bass, and Fernando Poma on guitar and vocals. The band uses the powerful combination of blues, rock, and story-telling lyrics to win the hearts of their listeners. The band’s music is inspired and characteristic of such musical behemoths as Led Zeppelin and Cream. Their powerful music has garnered a huge fanbase, from the tiny Central American republic of El Salvador to the music pages of America, Europe, and beyond.


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