STEEL WOOL Funks Up the Folk


STEEL WOOL Funks Up the FolkSTEEL WOOL is a folk group who isn’t afraid to get funky. “Muddy Water Rising” is like the music people listened to in the 60’s, it’s fresh and carefree and doesn’t have a mean bone in its structure. It’s all about the energy of life and enjoying yourself. While “Fat Jesus On a Bicycle” sounds like a hilarious song, it’s actually a funky song. This is a surprise coming from a folk group but hey, it’s entertaining. “I Can’t Tell You (9/11)” also has some funky moments as well, while “Fill My Heart” puts things on an upbeat course that is fun and a little light with moments here and there. “I’m Not Sleeping” is where we started, that nice folk sound and it makes for a well-rounded listening experience with STEEL WOOL. If you’re a fan of the music that called the 60’s home but need something new to your ears, check out STEEL WOOL. (