Steve Contino Releases Uplifting New Single to Brighten Your Playlist – Feel the Summer with “Pineapple and Malibu”

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Steve Contino brings a burst of joy with his latest single, an all-around feel-good track that showcases the artist’s multifaceted musical talents

Rock Hill, SCSteve Contino’s musical journey is as unique as his sound. Having played drums since he was ten and guitar for about six years, Steve spent many years in the corporate world before deciding that it’s never too late to follow one’s dreams. The shift to working from home during COVID provided him with a chance to reflect on life and pursue his passion for music, culminating in the creation of songs that are rich with personal insight and universal appeal.

This latest track by Steve Contino exemplifies his philosophy that music is a universal language capable of expressing emotions and stories that words alone cannot. His hands-on approach to music production, from the strumming of the guitar to the final mix, allows him to maintain artistic integrity and a personal touch that resonates deeply with his audience. The song’s lively tempo and catchy melody make it an instant favorite, suitable for any playlist that aims to uplift and energize.

As Steve continues to expand his musical repertoire, he remains committed to producing work that not only entertains but also inspires and motivates his listeners. His personal story is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of following one’s passion, regardless of the timing. With his dedication to his craft and his ability to produce joy through music, Steve Contino is fast becoming a notable figure in the music scene.

Listeners can discover more about Steve Contino’s music and upcoming projects by visiting his website and following him on social media platforms. He is active in engaging with his fans, offering a glimpse into his creative process and upcoming releases.

The artist’s music, including the latest single, is available for streaming on Spotify, YouTube, and other digital music platforms, inviting everyone to experience the joy and passion that define his musical journey!



Introducing Steve Contino, a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who has single-handedly brought his latest creation to life. Despite a late start in pursuing music professionally, Contino’s depth of experience—which includes over two decades of singing and playing in a local church band and performing in garage bands since high school—enriches his music, making each song uniquely resonant. His latest single is a testament to his dynamic style and his ability to connect with listeners through upbeat and engaging melodies.

Steve draws his inspiration from his life observations, people’s relationships, and the world around him, infusing his music with authenticity and relatability that strike a chord with his audience. His songs are not just notes and lyrics; they are reflections of his views and experiences, woven into melodies that speak to listeners on a deep level.

The artist’s new single, released on May 31, 2024, is designed to inject happiness and joy into the lives of everyone who listens.


Steve Contino
Name: Steve Contino and his work, you can visit all of his social media sites and website via The artist’s music can also be found on Spotify and YouTube. Fond of engaging with his audience, Contino can be reached on his social media and is open to interviews

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8032429074




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