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Stevie Pre

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Stevie Pre Review


New Jersey artist Stevie Pre has recently released a greatest hits culminating 15 years of work, picking 13 of his top songs to create “Stevie Pre: Greatest Hits.” He originally got his start as a producer, recorder and DJ as part of an underground hip hop group called Babbletron. Time, experience and practice has left him with a wide knowledge of music and genres but also with a collection of memorable songs to commemorate it.

There is a great mixture of electronic, alternative and hip hop styles in his songs. The mixture of upbeat and slow tempos makes for an interesting listening experience. The album and its tracks seems to focus heavily on instrumentals rather than lyrics. The beats speak for themselves.

This album really is a great mixture of songs and I enjoyed listening. This was a listening experience I’ve never had before and was unaware of this genre prior to this album. Safe to say I am a fan. The songs were fun, relaxing and easy to dance along with – definite mood enhancers.

A few of my favorites include Follow, Old Days On The Horizon, Green Silver, Rain Rain and Problems which really showcased his style, capabilities and passion.

The only thing I’d critic is the lack of lyrics. But, that is personal preference. I like being able to sing along to songs and relate to their lyrics. Stevie Pre pushed me to focus on and appreciate instrumentals and the story they can also tell.

For someone who enjoys dance beats, uptempo and mixing, this should definitely be on your must listen list. It’s unique, memorable and fun.

I love the disclaimer he provides for the album, “The songs are a little dense so the more you listen to it the more you will discover. Warm feelings for every soul in the infinite galaxies, stay present. Bounce.”


by Breanna Davis

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